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Youtuber xLetalis says it has found the last undiscovered Easter in The Witcher 3. The discovery was confirmed by Witcher developer Phillip Weber. On Easter, a Vivienne character dies if the player waits in the game for seven years and looks for her.

Easter revolves around Vivian de Tbris, the cursed in the game. When Geralt lifts her curse, he says she will likely only have seven years to live. Whoever visits her now, seven years after her release, in her Skellig room will already find the deceased Vivian, Discover xLetalis† However, it is necessary that those 7 years pass in the game, which means that the player has to wait more than 2500 days in the game.

The YouTuber has to admit that it all seems a little buggy, because Vivienne can still be talked to while she dies on the floor, and because her dress is next to her. xLetalis has been looking for eastereggs in the game for years and is happy to find the latter. He says he’s a little disappointed, because there are no other characters reacting to Vivian’s death or the fact that so much time has passed.

Developer Philip Webber, who now Principal quest designer It is for Cyberpunk 2077, easteregg hid in the game years ago. In a tweet he says It is “hair” that his Easter was discovered exactly seven years after the game’s release. commends xLetalis for the discovery and says In another tweet That everything seems a bit broken because of how the file works cloth physics It works within the game. “Dead characters in the game are usually static models, but that secret was added to the game when we couldn’t add anything new,” he explains. He wants to fix the bug, if possible. Also CD Projekt Red’s quest manager Pawe Sasko completes xLetalis. Developers say already expect that xLetalis will discover easteregg at some point.

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By the way, xLetalis didn’t wait seven years, or 2,500 game days, by the way. Use console commands to speed up the time in the game thousands of times. He also found that if you wait about ten years in the game, time will be negative and the entire world will be disrupted, with non-playable characters disappearing, visual glitches and large orbs. He suspects this is due to technical limitations of the game engine. According to Weber, it is Not absolutely necessary To use console commands. easteregg can also be detected with normal play under very rare circumstances.

Easter hunters have been searching for the “last Easter” in The Witcher 3 for weeks now, after Webber was told a few weeks ago. It was hinted at during the live broadcast to the existence of an undiscovered Easter in Skellig. xLetalis isn’t the first to find out that the latest Easter revolves around Vivian. German game site GameStar Already said in 2020 That if the player waited seven years, they would find Vivian dead in her room.

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