Wendy Van Dyck ‘rescues’ Martine Melland from nursing home: ‘She is totally destroyed’

Wendy Van Dyck 'rescues' Martine Melland from nursing home: 'She is totally destroyed'

The first night of sleep in the new home proved to be unsuccessful for the family. Maxim’s alarm did not go off. “I have to eat one sandwich myself, otherwise I won’t,” Maxim said after a turbulent night, during which his daughter Fifi had to drink from the bottle. “Otherwise I’ll pass out in that car.”

“What does it look like,” Maxim says when she sees her parents. “How did you grow?” Then you ask. “Well what do you think?” Martin says, somewhat angrily. The whole family had trouble sleeping, but what bothered them the most was the noise. Dogs bark, Fifi howling. and voices from outside. “We live in a neighborhood with only police cars and ambulances,” Martin says.

Then it turned out that Meilandjes had a big problem: transportation. Maxime, Erica and Martien all need the car, but that of course won’t work with one. “Then you take the bus, right?” Then Erica says to Martin. “Do you know how much that cost?!”

Then Martien decided to contact Wendy van Dijk, with whom he has recordings of a program. Despite being gracious, Wendy immediately jumps into the car to pick up her classmate. “I think it’s too bad to annoy someone,” Martin says.

After waiting longer than Martin likes, Wendy appears after all. “Girl, I’m so glad you came to catch me,” Martin says excitedly. Then he complains to his dear friend. “I was absolutely devastated. I was in bed at 9:15.”

“How many are you here?!” Then Wendy asks. When Wendy also says the house Martien lives in is “nice and spacious,” Martien’s designer breaks. “wide ?!” Is he almost screaming? “Yeah, I mean it. That’s too broad, isn’t it?” Wendy continues.

Then Wendy tells us it wasn’t always easy for her at home. “My mother always made clothes for me, because there was no money for that. Once upon a time we didn’t have time to buy food. Then we went to the supermarket, my father filled the whole cart and got out in a short time I didn’t. I don’t know otherwise.”

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