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I was completely new to this type of game, and although the entry was not entirely smooth, this game is a truly unique experience. You might have to wonder why this game is so strangely popular despite its many “flaws”.

This game takes you back to the time when you are not immersed in HUD elements, but instead just explore the world. Do not miss the task marks. Even if you have no idea what you’re doing, you can always ask several NPCs for the goal, and they’ll always give you some hint or direction. Isn’t it, go and explore blindly? Then you will get there.

Elden Ring is not about destination or completing missions. Task tags are irrelevant, because you can completely ignore all tasks. If you walk around and explore every building and cave, you will pass everywhere and you will not miss a thing. Many of the tasks are “go to this cave” or “go to this building and do this”. However, if you go to this cave without the ‘quest’ on your own, you will get your ‘quest’ as well.

The Elden Ring can easily be thought of as a large sandbox with 1000 bosses which at first are oddly difficult and seemingly impossible, and after a bit of exploring and trying other weapons/skills it suddenly becomes very easy. You are completely free in this game to run straight to different story bosses and get canning, or defeat them if you have the sprinting skills. You can’t do that and collect all kinds of junk and hit bosses with very powerful weapons.

Even after upgrading your weapons, you are still very weak. If you don’t respect your surroundings, you will still die from a pack of mice, or some simple “zombie”.

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