Pete Polosma sent this last message to the Netherlands | stars

Pete Polosma sent this last message to the Netherlands |  stars

Slagter visited Paulusma last Saturday, the day before the famous weatherman died in a hospital in Leeuwarden. Slager said Tuesday on .’s special broadcast It’s time for MAX About Pete’s life. “He said, ‘Jan, would you like to tell the Dutch that I am very happy that they have always looked at me. And I want to thank them for that.”

According to Slagter, Piet believed it was an ‘honour’ to be able to perform again on radio and television for over 25 years. At the end of the talk he also said: ‘In four years, January, there will be an Elfstedentocht. Will you think of me then? This was also a house. It was about many things, but also mainly about his work and the weather, and what he meant for the Netherlands.”

‘A sick man’

The Frisian icon fell silent last year because he was diagnosed with cancer. “He thought people would just talk about his illness,” says Slaughter. “If people look at his weather forecast, they’ll think: Oh, there’s a sick guy in there. He didn’t want that.” According to Slagter, this was sometimes difficult for his family, as it meant they could not talk about it with anyone.

Bolsma’s children, ex-wife Jock, and twin brother Lum spoke on the broadcast. A number of interviews were already recorded in November at Paulusma’s request.

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