We are definitely looking forward to these smartphones

We are definitely looking forward to these smartphones

The last quarter of 2023 is quickly approaching and several smartphones have already been released in the past year. However, we expect a lot of great new models in recent months. You will find what to look forward to in this article!

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Smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2023

You can now choose from hundreds of types of smartphones, but perhaps there is no model that is right for you or you just want to get the latest models. Many manufacturers will launch new devices in the last quarter of 2023. We still expect a lot from manufacturers like Google, Oppo, and OnePlus. We look forward to these phones the most.

1. Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

Just wait a week or two and then it’s time to showcase Google’s new flagship products. Two devices from the search giant will be on display on Wednesday, October 4. We’re talking, of course, about the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

The smartphones have a new processor, improved cameras and a slightly modified design. We already know what the devices look like, because Google itself has already posted several teasers online. We again see the distinctive camera strip on the back, which houses two or three cameras.

According to rumors, the devices will be much more expensive compared to their predecessors. Is this correct? We’ll hear it all in early October!

2. OnePlus is unlocked

We expect the former foldable From OnePlus it will also be seen soon, because rumors about this foldable device have been circulating for a while. The smartphone will be relatively compact and therefore somewhat similar to the current Oppo Find N2 Flip. It is not surprising that both companies fall under the same parent company.

The device can already be admired in several renders, where it is also somewhat reminiscent of the Google Pixel Fold. According to the leaked specifications, it will be a very powerful device equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, among other things.

There is also talk of an advanced camera system, a relatively large battery, and large working memory and storage. With this device, OnePlus is competing with the established system, including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. In addition to the specifications, appearance and features, we are especially looking forward to the price, because it is certainly not cheap.

3. Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

Samsung has already released several smartphones in recent months, but we are still waiting for one of them. According to rumours, the device was supposed to be released a long time ago, but nothing could be further from the truth. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, but the question is whether it will be marketed in Europe at all.

The device will be an affordable version of the current Galaxy S23, but there are still many rumors about this device. So be sure to check out our overview in which we tell you everything we already know (or think we know) about the smartphone.

The S23 FE once again features a gorgeous, colorful AMOLED display with a high refresh rate and a powerful processor on board. Or will this be from MediaTek or Qualcomm? The device appears in four new colors and in the render we see three excellent camera lenses on the back. This has now become a hallmark of branded devices regardless of the price range.

4. Oppo Find N3 Flip

The OPPO Find N3 Flip has already been introduced, so we already know everything about the foldable smartphone. However, you will find it in this article, because it has not yet been sold outside its native China. However, according to an Oppo executive, this is about to change, as the global release is coming.

It’s the first Flip the phone With three cameras on the front. You can take photos with the 50MP main camera or zoom in a bit with the 32MP lens. There’s also a wide-angle lens and of course an in-display selfie camera. On the outside you’ll find a second, smaller screen that you use for notifications, controlling music, checking the weather forecast, or other information.

There is a 4300 mAh battery and wired charging is possible at a maximum of 44 watts. The internal display measures 6.8 inches and is also a smooth, colorful AMOLED display. The drive is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset and the device is available in four colours.

The question remains when we will see the Find N3 Flip here. It is also still unknown what it will cost here. In China, the “entry-level” model with 256GB storage costs €860 without VAT. As for the 512 GB version, you pay the equivalent of 960 euros.

5. Xiaomi 13T series

Circle it on your calendar, Tuesday, September 26! Then it’s time for the official unveiling of the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro. Xiaomi is investing heavily in the cameras of its devices (among other things), as predicted by the company’s online teaser with the tagline: “A masterpiece in sight.”

Xiaomi has also already announced that both devices are part of the enhanced update policy. Both the smartphones will launch with Android 13 and will receive four major Android updates. This means you can start using the latest functionality up to Android 17. In addition, security patches will be rolled out for five years.

We secretly know almost everything about smartphones thanks to a major leak. The 13Ts phone shares many specifications, including a 6.67-inch screen. It has a smooth, high-resolution AMOLED panel. In terms of cameras, we see the same setup on both devices. The primary camera takes photos at up to 50MP, and the zoom camera has the same resolution. A wide-angle lens and optical image stabilization are also available, and you can take 20-megapixel photos with the selfie camera.

We see differences, among other things, in the processors used, working and storage memory, battery capacity and charging speed. know more? He carries Planet robot Stay tuned on September 26, because then you can read all about these new flagship phones.

6. OnePlus 12

It won’t launch here until the first quarter of 2024, but will be introduced in China this year. We are talking about the upcoming OnePlus 12 and it is also a device that we are looking forward to.

According to rumors, the device will feature a periscope lens for zoom, which is a unique feature for OnePlus. There’s also a good regular camera and a wide-angle lens, developed in collaboration with lens manufacturer Hasselblad. Manufacturer Qualcomm will soon introduce its latest mobile processors and this will be the beating heart of the OnePlus 12. This is the all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

There is also enough RAM and you can store photos, videos or documents on the large internal memory. The battery will be noticeably large (5400 mAh) and can be charged at a maximum of 100W, meaning the device will be fully charged again quickly.

Finally, there is the screen, which will be about 6.7 inches in size and has a high resolution and refresh rate. This top model also has an AMOLED panel that splashes out the colors. There’s also LTPO technology, which is more power efficient and adapts to the content you’re watching. When you view a website, the screen refreshes less frequently than when you play an optimized game.

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