Erica Milland is not a babysitting star: ‘Fifi fell down the stairs’

Erica Milland is not a babysitting star: 'Fifi fell down the stairs'

There were intense tempers between Erika and Maxime throughout the episode. Erica wants her daughter to do more around the house, but Maxime is busy with her children. When Maxime asks her to watch the kids so she can rinse some things off, Erika decides she’ll do it herself. “I’m not much of a babysitter. That gives you more satisfaction. There’s a beginning and an end to that. And you don’t have that with kids. I’m actually a terrible grandmother.” Grandma Erica is all about rolling up her sleeves: “Yes, you know, if it has to be done both and I can choose, I say, ‘Okay, let me rinse.’

Eventually, Maxime convinces her mother to babysit for a while. She goes to the garden center with Martin and Montana. However, there is no doubt about spending a relaxing afternoon among the geraniums. “Oh, mom is calling,” calls Maxime. When she answers her phone, she sees that her daughter Vivi is crying. “Fifi fell down the stairs,” Erica says. Maxim is unhappy: “Oh my God, mom, are you serious?!” Martin is also unimpressed with Erika’s babysitting skills: “She can’t do anything, can she? She can’t babysit.” When Maxime asks Erica how she let this happen, she explains that it’s probably because Vivi is wearing socks. “We walked up the stairs together and I fell.” I promised to pay more attention from now on.

However, Maxime doesn’t trust him very much. “I knew that. Yes, it sounds so ridiculous. That’s why I didn’t say anything this morning, but I still get worried when those kids are alone with my mother. She doesn’t care, because she thinks: ‘I’m going to weed.’ And so on. (…) Well, it’s really unprecedented.” Fortunately, little Vivi escaped unharmed.

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But viewers feel sorry for Maxim’s children. “Can’t those kids stay with that man?” Someone wonders. Other viewers think it would be better for her to get a paid babysitter. This Twitter user agreed: “You feel sorry for those two little kids. There’s absolutely no time for that. Why don’t you arrange a babysitter?”

Looking at here The loop again.

She definitely has money to babysit, because editors have looked into how much Maxime earns, among other things Chateau Meyland:

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