Violent interventions such as curfews and closing restaurants and schools are not necessary at the moment | Policy

Violent interventions such as curfews and closing restaurants and schools are not necessary at the moment |  Policy

OMT ConsultationIt seems that special restrictions for unvaccinated people are off the table at the moment. Many experts and members of Parliament have already expressed themselves on the matter, and an insider said after the outbreak management team meeting on Thursday that this path is not clear.

However, OMT is in favor of updating the advice to work from home as much as possible, avoid crowds, and again – where possible – keep your distance. A source from OMT says violent interventions such as curfews and closings of shops, restaurants and schools are not necessary at the moment.

A formal reintroduction of the meter and a half rule is delicate. This requires legislative changes and symbolically represents a major “backward” step. That’s why it’s probably just advice.

However, working with QR codes is still being considered in more places to get somewhere. The audience at amateur competitions, in gyms, in swimming pools or participants in amateur sports competitions do not need it yet. OMT is considering deploying the wider use of the corona pass in local fires.


He. She for the purpose of Focus on the coronavirus measures to be taken in a four-hour session. The outgoing government will meet on Friday to discuss options. The government is frantically looking for ways to suppress the latest wave of corona as accurately as possible. Without strict lockdown measures, but strong enough to divert the influx to hospitals. Minister Hugo de Jong (Public Health, CDA) said the new measures are “inevitable.”

In addition, the severity of the intervention depends on the accurate predictions of RIVM. These are still being put on paper, details will follow later. One source says that if he succeeds in upending the charts with tougher home and distance work and avoiding crowd tips, it will.

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Measures that apply only to unvaccinated people are not a taboo for De Jonge, but the House of Representatives and experts see no benefit from them at the moment. Existing measures should be first Better maintenanceSays a large part of Parliament.

Earlier this week, OMT members such as Diederik Gommers, Jan Kluytmans and Marc Bonten criticized the advisability and feasibility of such special rules for unvaccinated people.

The national risk level is now at a “worrying” level, but it will move to the “dangerous” level next Tuesday if the trend continues. On Thursday, the nursing ward entered 168 new patients with corona, 14 of whom are in intensive care.

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In total, there are now 944 patients with corona in hospital. This is lower than in previous waves, but the amplitude of the IC is limited. Hospitals also want to do as many other procedures as possible.

Four out of five patients with corona in the intensive care center are not immunized. The chance of ending up in the intensive care unit with Covid-19 is 33 times lower for a vaccinated person than for an unvaccinated person.

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