Forest growers receive a new assessment from the tax authorities: “Breach of contract is the worst”

Forest growers receive a new assessment from the tax authorities: "Breach of contract is the worst"

The CDA and BBB have asked the Minister for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and the Secretary of State for Finance for clarification. “Very specific questions are being asked that cannot be ignored,” Berggrave predicts. “It takes us much further.”

The solution, according to Berggrave, is simple. “For the minister to expressly tell the Tax and Customs Department that the tax is not a problem and that the agricultural exemption will be retained. Then the issue will be resolved. Even if the Supreme Court does not issue a ruling in favor of the prince, the minister can still say: I will not implement this statement.”

Berggrave believes this case could have far-reaching consequences. “The government wants to have planted 37,000 hectares of farmland by 2030, of which 19,000 hectares must come from farmers. They’re getting timid. They think: If I enter into an arrangement with the government and my children later face a levy from the IRS, I won’t start it.”

The Department of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality says it is particularly upsetting that farmers have ended up in this situation and are now facing “serious unforeseen financial consequences”. Statements written during the lawsuit by former LNV employees show that this “assessment does not do justice to the intent of the scheme. But LNV is not about taxing the schemes involved, which is why LNV will enter into discussions with the Finance Ministry to find a solution,” said an LNV spokesperson.

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