March 29, 2023

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Meer AI dan AEX voorbeurs, weer cijfertsunami, Fed, en wow, Nvidia

Artificial intelligence over AEX ahead of the market, data tsunami again, Fed, Wow, Nvidia

The AEX is -0.3% and what does that include?

Because the chips (in Asia) are good at Nvidia, which did +8.9% yesterday after the New York Stock Exchange, mainly on AI fantasy.

  • European futures turn green
  • US futures higher, with NASDAQ 100 mini index as a variable: +0.7% (ie on Nvidia)
  • Most of Asia is red (Nikkei 225 is the peak at -1.3%), but Korea and especially Taiwan are doing well

    Alibaba + 2.0%
    Baidu -0.8%
    Tencent -0.2%
    Samsung + 1.5%

  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) is -2.5% at 22.3
  • The dollar rose 0.2% at 1.0622 and reached below 1.06 last night after the latest Fed rate decision. This is still fighting inflation
  • Gold and Oil rose 0.3% and cryptocurrencies are back on track, up 2% and some more

Interest rates are rising again and the US is approaching 4%.

Good news after Wall Street, Nvida’s Gigachipper beats expectations and sees what fantasy is: AI. So the stock was up 8.9% after the close. More on that front: Lucid was also in with Preparation Then it went -9.3% again

Aalberts shows you how to issue a press release in numbers: everything is clearly arranged on one, textured page. The numbers themselves are also good and better than expected, but free cash flow is really down due to investments and working capital. Profits will be increased by 10%.

Fugro’s numbers are hard to interpret at a glance: the margin in the fourth quarter is low and the stock market is currently sensitive to that, but over the course of the whole of 2022, it’s back up to 6.1%. The company continues to grow well, particularly in Wnd. Fugro does not propose dividends.

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Reuters gives more headlines than SBM Offshore itself press release And here’s why. Mixed bag: Turnover is OK, profit is a bit lower, outlook could also be a bit scanty, earnings will be up 10% and cash position (so) lower. Read more here.

ForFarmers continues to struggle, and volumes continue to decline. More sales and then you know what’s what.

Of course I already spotted AMG last night:

There are more numbers, see the news below. I’m glad that from next week I can write morning calls again instead of having to hunt down a string of numbers each morning.

News, tips and short agenda

Top ABM Financial news since yesterday’s Amsterdam close.

  • 08:13 Increase Nedap’s turnover in 2022
  • 08:10 Van Lanchotte Kempin turns out to be less profitable
  • 07:54 Alberts significantly increases profitability
  • 07:33 Envipco records more sales
  • 07:27 ForFarmers sees lower volumes
  • 07:26 Significantly increased Fugro turnover
  • 07:07 SBM Offshore fulfills its own vision
  • 06:56 Beursblik: Berenberg removes KPN from buy list
  • 06:46 European stock markets are likely to open higher
  • 06:40 Stock Exchange Agenda: Macroeconomics
  • 06:39 Exhibition agenda: Dutch companies
  • 06:39 Stock Exchange agenda: foreign funds
  • 00:16 Correction: Nvidia is on the rise after better-than-expected results
  • Stock Market Update Feb. 22: AEX is on Wall Street
  • Wall Street closed lower on February 22nd
  • The price of oil closed February 22nd lower
  • Feb 22 Most Fed officials support a quarter-point rate hike – Minutes
  • 22 February AMG exceeds expectations in 2022
  • February 22nd Wall Street is heading towards a higher close
  • Feb 22 Majorel records higher sales
  • February 22 European stock markets closed lower
  • Feb 22 No new ENL agent for Lavide
  • February 22, the problem of rising interest rates for investors increased
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AFM reports this Shorts:

The agenda with the Galapagos tonight, Alibaba this afternoon and the consensus for the GDP number is 2.9% qoq:

07:00 Envipco – fourth quarter numbers
07:00 For the farmers — fourth quarter numbers
07:00 Fugro – Q4 numbers
07:00 SBM Offshore – Q4 numbers
07:30 Alberts – Q4 numbers
07:30 Van Lanchot Kempen – Q4 numbers
18:00 NEDAP – fourth quarter numbers
22:00 Galapagos – Fourth Quarter Numbers
00:00 MotorK – Fourth Quarter Numbers

07:00 Bouygues – Q4 figures (France)
07:00 Deutsche Telekom – Q4 figures (Germany)
13:00 Alibaba – Third Quarter Numbers (QI)
1:00 PM Nikola – US fourth quarter numbers

11:00 Inflation – January Final (EUR)
12:00 Central Bank of Turkey – Interest Rate Decision (TOR)
2:30 PM Support Requests – Weekly (US)
14:30 Chicago Fed Index – Jan (US)
14:30 Economic Growth – Estimate for Q4 II (US)
5:00 PM Oil Inventories – Weekly (US)

Then this

The networks always keep posting the day’s movements of central banks:

The message is known:

In any case, do not sit still:

not just mr. market, but in China the state also monitors:

Yesterday the prices fell a bit:


In the Netherlands, Bux now charges 3 euros per month and that much free Moderator… Quotes again under Tenner then:


Enjoy and good luck today.

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