“It doesn’t seem to end with a split in society.”

"It doesn't seem to end with a split in society."

It appears that there are no special restrictions at the moment for people who have not been vaccinated against corona. This is what political journalist Thomas van Groningen said Thursday evening in 1. The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) met today to discuss advice on new coronavirus measures.

“I haven’t seen the advice yet, but we can rule out a number of things,” van Groningen says. “For example, this division in society, where you say, ‘We only take action for people who are not immunized. It doesn’t seem to work that way.’” The advisory body spoke for four hours today about possible solutions to stop the rise in Corona numbers.

Van Groningen has a hand in his hand. The cabinet still has to make decisions and you don’t know what will happen in the coming days. But it seems to be on the list of things we won’t do,” he points out, referring to the special measures for people who didn’t get the shot.

House is also critical of any special restrictions on non-vaccinated people, says van Groningen. There is no political support. You can hear it clearly in the House of Representatives.”

“1.5 meters in the form of a tip”

Van Groningen expects the outgoing government to fundamentally update the advice. “It feels like going back 1.5 metres. Maybe not as a commitment, but in the form of advice. So people are saying to Holland again: stay 1.5 metres.” The return of the 1.5-meter distance rule does not seem realistic, because an official reintroduction will require legislative changes.

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The text continues below the tweet.

According to the political reporter, “Something may be going on in the field of mouth coverings.” According to him, showing the Corona ticket may also be mandatory in more places. “Maybe gyms should give it a try. These are the things they seem to be turning into.”

“Allowing employers to request a QR code was in the list”

It seems that the temporary cabinet does not allow employers to require employees to issue a valid issuance Qatari RyalCode in the coracheck app. in various sectors workShow the participants a QR code before them work May, you mentioned BNR Monday.

Van Groningen: “My understanding is that it was an idea that was already on the list. But this ended up in a pile of things that we probably wouldn’t do. Legally, it seems very difficult.”

Politically implausible in case of incitement to vaccination

Rahma Al-Moden, the owner of a cleaning company, does not understand this. “As far as I am concerned, the government could be a little tougher. It says in Op1 that people who have been vaccinated are now being somewhat victimized by people who have not been vaccinated.” We have to go back to the old normal. The government should use harsh language.” It’s not the only one that thinks so. 72 percent of vaccinators think the interim cabinet should take specific measures for unvaccinated people, according to research by one day Among the more than 28,000 members of the opinion committee.

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The text continues below the tweet.

But according to Van Groningen, The Hague is moving a lot in the direction of the desire to vaccinate. Politicians have often said: We won’t. The House has declared twice by a clear majority: We do not want to insist on vaccination. Many parties are uncomfortable if I say now: We will do it anyway. They say: there are also other options. ”

No major interventions

I mentioned earlier today ad “Violent interventions” such as curfews and closing of shops, catering establishments and schools are not necessary at this time. According to an insider, OMT advises updating work-at-home advice, as is advice to avoid crowds and stay 1.5m away.

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By: Peter Visser

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