Vietnamese Winfast will soon be American as well

Vietnamese Winfast will soon be American as well

After Vietnam and Germany, Winfast will also build a factory in the United States. Today, the carmaker will soon announce where the factory will be located and how many cars will be out of production line.

With this announcement Winfost’s future plan is increasingly evolving. Car manufacturer, which recently Relaunched And showed the world a complete product attack, which is set to deliver its first vehicles later this year. It is not yet clear about the various production facilities and sales network.

Winfast VF8

Winfast factory in Germany

It is clear that Winfast wants to build a car closer to the customer. That’s why I. earlier this yearn Germany To build a factory. “The era of shipping cars around the world is over, especially since COVID-19. To win customers, we need to ensure that the car brand has a factory close to the relevant market,” said brand new CEO Le Thi Thu Thuy.

Winfast chooses Made in Germany

It is already known that the car manufacturer also wants to set up a production facility in the United States. Winfrost today announced that the facility will be located in North Carolina. Especially in Raleigh. This year Winfast is already starting the first production phase of the factory. After that, the facility takes two years to operate. It covers an area of ​​800 hectares and batteries will also be manufactured.

150,000 cars per year

From 2024, at least 150,000 vehicles will be out of the US production line. The VF 8 and VF 9 are the two biggest models Winfost has ever shown. The latter has seven seats and is therefore more suitable for the US market.

Winfast VF-9
Winfast VF9

Although the plants in the US and Europe are not yet operational, customers can already order cars. And in the Netherlands. Anyone who wants a VF 8 in our country pays 44,650 euros. The larger VF9 costs at least 59,650 euros. Remember, you have cars without batteries. You can read how it works This article

This is the price of Vinfast’s brand new EVs in the Netherlands

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