May 29, 2023

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ACM: Heat rates are not unnecessarily raised |  cash

ACM: Heat rates are not unnecessarily raised | cash

The maximum rate that heating service providers are allowed to charge is related to the price of gas. The residual heat is used for a heat network, for example from waste incineration, but also from gas. Gas prices have risen in recent months. Therefore, households that are connected to the heating network and cannot switch, begin to pay much more automatically.

Since then, the link between gas price and maximum heat rates has been a thorn in the side of consumer organizations and responsible minister Rob Getten. Gettin sees if he can adjust that.

ACM now concludes that heating suppliers did not pass the full maximum increase in prices on to their customers, but remained 18% below this. The authority wrote that there was therefore no question of abuse. Total costs increased by an average of 41% for the five largest providers.

Heating network on natural gas

Four heat suppliers have passed the maximum price increase. Therefore, its thermal networks run entirely on natural gas. Suppliers charge less for residents connected to a network that also uses other sources.

“When setting maximum rates in December last year, we urged heating suppliers to increase their prices only if necessary to cover the increased costs. Suppliers raised their tariffs sharply due to higher energy prices, but there does not appear to be any misuse by making a profit. Above “We will continue to monitor suppliers closely,” says board member Manon Lijtten.