What are they doing? Viewers were amazed by ‘dirty shower water’

What are they doing?  Viewers were amazed by 'dirty shower water'

Nadia does not have a large income, because with only 1160 euros a month, a single mother has to make ends meet. And with three kids this can be quite a challenge, but it’s not like that for Nadia. Don’t worry (money) because they keep a close eye on their expenses. She also lives very frugally and Nadia knows perfectly how not to incur “unnecessary costs”. since then Out of network coverage Live, Nadia doesn’t use a power grid, gas pipeline, or sewage system. Currently, she still uses the water pipe occasionally, but mainly collects rainwater for washing clothes or bathing herself and her children.

So her family does not enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. It is also not clear that they use shampoo in the shower. Nadia chooses to wash her children’s hair with eggs. “It’s very nourishing for your hair,” she says. By the way, Nadia washes clothes without washing powder or washing agent, because a single mother prefers to use vinegar to save costs. Nadia also reuses the water the children just washed in her laundry. Viewers seem to have a hard time with the latter. Wash with dirty bath water. Someone wrote that there are limits. Another viewer feels sorry for the children and writes: ‘Ghadfardami. I just feel bad for these kids.

Using the toilet is also slightly different in Nadia than in an ordinary home. For example, she and her children use a compost toilet and compost bins have been placed behind her house. “I have containers from the compost toilet here,” says Nadia. “Now I have about three bins full here. They’ve been here for over two years.” “It’s not smelly,” adds Nadia. Opening the boxes, Nadia explains that they “separate the urine from the faeces” and that’s why there won’t be an unpleasant odor. To prove it, Nadia hung her head over a compost bin. “I can just hang my nose on it, but I don’t smell anything at all,” she says.

Why do they do that? It can be seen every Wednesday at 9:30 PM EO on NPO 1 and can be viewed on NPOStart via this is Link.

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