Victory, now what? A Dutch party is giving everyone free XRP

Victory, now what?  A Dutch party is giving everyone free XRP

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ripple (XRP) after a protracted legal battle against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has received a positive ruling from the court. The judge stated that the XRP cryptocurrency was not being sold as an unregistered security. This news had a very positive impact on the price of XRP, which rose in a short period of time.

After the good news, Dutch broker Anycoin Direct decided to celebrate the victory by welcoming new users with a special promotion. everyone who signs up with Anycoin Direct He now receives 15 XRP for free, which is worth around €10.

Ripple’s XRP lawsuit

suit It has been a thorn in the side of Ripple and the broader crypto industry for many years. So the final victory was sweeter. Not only was XRP sold as collateral, but it also gave much-needed legitimacy to the cryptocurrency, which was removed from various exchanges after the lawsuit, for example.

Ripple immediately began expanding after the victory. I served the company Recently submitted an application UK to officially register as a cryptocurrency company in the country. It is likely that several of these steps will follow. At least the Ripple team seems to be looking forward to it.

However, the issue of selling XRP in the institutional markets is not yet fully settled. Because of this, there remains some uncertainty about the outcome of the case. Although Ripple is not yet completely out of trouble, the judge’s positive ruling has already given an upward push to the market. XRP rate. The price reached a year high and rose almost 100% in 24 hours. Who knows where XRP will be in a year?

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Free XRP at Anycoin Direct

For people interested in investing in XRP, Anycoin Direct is now offering a special opportunity. By registering with the Dutch broker, you will get 15 XRP for free, which is worth around 10 EUR. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the world of cryptocurrency and take advantage of Ripple’s recent victory in the SEC lawsuit.

So grab your chance now and Register with Anycoin Direct To get 15 XRP for free. Take advantage of the positive developments surrounding Ripple and who knows what the future holds for this high-profile cryptocurrency.

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