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I also don’t understand why everything should become a standard sausage and everything should be completely open. Then you also have the *less* imho competition, because it’s polo A or polo B: but you have to wear a polo and that’s it. You can choose between open and open, but you will use open whether you like it or not. Apple also got so big with iOS because it appeals to a very large group of people that it works uniformly without a lot of “competing standards” within the operating system and stores and not everyone can do what they want but they have a certain set of rules. Follow the same for everyone. The Walled Garden has taken care of that and it has become *too big* because it appeals to many people, works well and works uniformly. This also works very well, you always know where you stand, your privacy is well organized/controlled and the security is very strong. Why a consumer shouldn’t have that option for such a closed ecosystem and why everything must necessarily run as open (and/or messy) as Android is a mystery to me. Especially if the consumer who buys it does not want it at all …

And then you often hear “Yes, but you can have that option, but Apple should also offer the option to open it. You don’t have to do that and you can stay locked out.” 1.) Why should they? Because you can also buy other brand if you want to unlock : +2.) But that wouldn’t work if Facebooks, Epics, and all sorts of companies already said you should start your own store that you should use if you want to get their apps (and then without them sticking to those pesky privacy rules and that way a very easy way to cancel subscriptions ;)), then you really only have the choice if you no longer want to use your phone for what you could use before… All of these users are pretty screwed up, but they presumably have “choice” on paper. They really had the choice between open and closed platforms, and they chose to close – but then over-zealous officials forced them to make the “right choice” and thus sewn into an open platform with the phrase “Yes, but yes, you had the choice to stay closed (despite the fact that that you can’t give nonsense with your phone what you could do before), your choice now to open yourself proves once again that we were right!”. : + False choices to justify people giving the other an open platform when they don’t want to at all. Imagine if it was the other way around and Android had to shut down, see how crazy they are; But in the opposite direction, they hit others in the throat, clap very loudly, sometimes even claiming that it is “for our own good”. : +

Well, having said that there is of course room for compromise – don’t get me wrong. For example, these alternative app stores are allowed to use a different payment method, but the apps must still follow the same rules and must also show the apps in the App Store. Then the customer really has the option to use other stores with other payment methods, manage other subscriptions and the like, but users who don’t wait for that are not affected because they can also continue to use the safe and reliable App Store. The offer of the application is the same, but the payments, etc., some commissions may differ. Ditto for in-app payments: alternatives? Well, as long as Apple’s IAP is displayed next to it, so people get the option back, but (existing users) they can’t be forced to use the alternative. They can safely continue to use IAP and Apple-known arbitration. I think this is the only real way it can actually be *an option* within iOS that doesn’t install Walled Gardens users and can still be a Walled Garden – but you can deviate from some things Apple. Not everything, no – but it wouldn’t really make sense for Apple to allow *everything* on *their platform and theirs*. This is really a much more compromise than you will find in many other places and shops…

Well, knowing the EU, they are attacking anti-consumer stuff with it and iOS will be demolished and privacy and security will be diminished. C’est ca. In general, by the way, this is an opinion forbidden here on Tweakers, but so be it. : s This is just my opinion. :)

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