June 8, 2023

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The smartest human viewers are shocked by the lack of animal knowledge

The smartest human viewers are shocked by the lack of animal knowledge

By her scores, Somaya was already well behind fellow nominees Theon van den Elsen and Stefan van der Velen. However, it is possible to beat the other candidates, because the points can still be compensated in the fourth round. Unfortunately, the actress seems to know very little about the animal kingdom. Although she knew how to guess zebra, panda and dalmatian, she could not distinguish a killer whale from a dolphin, and the penguin was also unfamiliar to her. Viewers seem amazed at her lack of animal knowledge. Someone wrote: “If you don’t recognize a penguin, you don’t belong to it.”

The magpie did not know toxicity. The actress thinks she’s seeing a “gull or crow.” The viewer comes to a logical conclusion: “This lady is experiencing a bit of nature.” Another thinks he already knows Somaya won’t get very far: “I think I can now anticipate the leak today.”

The actress has to compete against Teun in the final round and lose to the comedian.

the smartest person It can be seen on NPO 2 on business days at 8.40pm.

However, RTL Boulevard expert Rob Goossens knows how to get away with it the smartest person. Having volunteered for the show’s makers, Rob is now a finalist. It remains to be seen if he will bring home the coveted title.

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