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In the public roadmap for Unreal Engine 5.1, Epic Games promises, among other things, to improve the engine’s Lumen lighting system. Furthermore, improvements must be made in this engine version for the Nanite system and the automated pso system.

First major update coming to Unreal Engine 5 since Release in April It focuses, among other things, on engine performance on existing control units. In the general roadmapwith no indication of an exact release date, Epic Games says it wants to improve the light engine to achieve the pre-set goal of 60 frames per second on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S in high scalability mode.

Also, the lighting that interacts with sheets and plates will be improved and Epic Games will add watercolor reflections to a single layer and support high-quality reflections on transparent materials. Lumen will also receive the first variant of split-screen support with Unreal Engine 5.1.

Furthermore, for the Nanite part of Unreal Engine 5, Epic Games is promising a framework for network architecture. This allows for things like “disguised textures, double-sided foliage, and differences in pixel depth”. Epic promises to reveal more details about Nanite 5.1 at a later time.

Finally, the developer says in the roadmap automatically pipeline state objectA set to repair distressed photos. So far there infusion A list shader is needed to be displayed. This may cause performance issues on large projects, while sometimes some mappings are accidentally deleted. This process is automatic in the latest engine version, while the amount of PSO is also kept as low as possible. This should reduce the amount of pre-loaded software support operations, which should improve the performance of projects based on Unreal Engine 5.

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