View numbers under lock and key: From August you won’t know until six days later | modes

View numbers under lock and key: From August you won't know until six days later |  modes

This is what the new research looks like

The new study no longer only measures viewership figures for linear (programmed) TV, but also, for example, Netflix and other streaming services. In addition, the study also includes program streams and content that people watch on their laptop or smartphone. The study includes all screens in the home.

When measuring, NMO uses aggregate measurements from video players, websites, and apps from Ziggo and KPN, for example. Also NPO Start, and applications on the TV at home, as well as peripherals connected to it.

So the research is more comprehensive, though the question is how interested are journalists and media experts in getting viewing figures for, say, current affairs programs after a week. These broadcasts are not usually seen by several thousand additional people later in the week.

The popular display box gives way to new technology

The traditional display box disappears in the new design. Committee members remain. And more families are being added: Where there used to be 1,250, it should now grow to 1,850. Sonius calls it an “improvement.” “This committee represents the Dutch population.” Participants have been invited or have been invited.

A higher number of participants should ensure more consistent viewing numbers, but especially the technology behind it should make the difference. The research will use a new counter from research agency Kantar that records what happens on a television set between participants. The meter connected to the TV receives all audio signals via Audio Matching technology.

There’s also a focal meter, which is a router that measures all media traffic in the house over Wi-Fi. This is useful for gauging who is watching Netflix at home, for example. Ultimately, the goal is to add more data from other studies, such as the radio study that began in January, in a new format. Ultimately, NMO also wants to measure out-of-home viewing behavior.

Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime have not yet officially participated in the viewing survey, although the technology is already ready for it. Streaming services can join at any time, all they have to do is do so.

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