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I agree 100 percent. And I’m actually saying this is a cyber security guy who’s been in business since 1996. There’s no shortage of knowledge, I’ve already written a program before a large portion of Tweakers were born. Sometimes I write apps for IOS and Android. I use Windows, Mac and Linux every day For my family of 5 everything is Apple. High tech, privacy, everything interesting like passwords, copy and paste between my devices, passwords, files, streaming, share wifi password, iPhones as remotes for Apple TV, everything backed up (Mac, iPad, iPhone ), back up photos. People also underestimate how easy it is to restore, upgrade, or transfer data from an 8-year-old Mac to a brand new Apple device. Also use the homekit with Philips Hue etc and this is for the whole family. Without the need to provide ongoing IT support.

I’m at a point in my life where I have more money than time. I don’t want to manage my IT. The shit has to work and it has to add something to our daily lives. I have a few raspberries and a Proxmox/Kubernetes machine, but that’s for work. In privacy you should just work. In addition, with Apple you have ready-to-use features that are either not available on Windows or you have to work together, but then give a very inconsistent user experience. Just the fact that I can make a copy on my iPhone and then paste on my Mac or iPad, or switch my Airpods super fast between iPad and iPhone, Apple TV and Mac without doing any pairing. Or do “Insert from iPad or iPhone” in My Notes on my Mac, then make a drawing on my iPad or a photo on my iPhone. Next level stuff. Out of the box.

I don’t want to open an Apple Store at all. What does that mean to me and my family? You don’t need my software for free. I pay for Apple Music, Disney +, Netflix, Youtube Premium, Adobe and many more apps. So that these service providers/developers can deliver quality. So I don’t have to deal with this misery myself. Definitely more DLC and NFT love the bullshit for sure. Nope, give me the Apple Store. Easy payment, easy money back, easy cancellation, no private data that is automatically sent to the owner of the application.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I have a family account on the Apple Store. My kids can send me a request to buy certain apps, etc.

Also, I suspect that the people who deal with the Apple Store are not Apple Store users at all. I myself use the Android Store regularly. How the hell does anyone see that as an improvement beyond me.

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