Carlo Boshard files a complaint against Jan Ross and Gossip Talk

Carlo Boshard files a complaint against Jan Ross and Gossip Talk

Carlo begins his message “I just watched the gossip talk in disbelief as lies are being told about me”. I will report Jean Ross and Gossip Talk for defamation. I am amazed at the ease with which my name is thrown and the assumptions that are not entirely correct.

Carlo refers to the conversation in the video below, which can be seen from the 8.30 minute mark.

Once a story Jan Ross said in the video, which was previously titled, that there are rumors about the RTL announcer and underage boys, that this, according to him, is about Carlo Boszhard. I heard about the one who told that story in a story will head. This is not just anyone. (…) I heard it from several sources, including a Dutch celebrity,” Jan claims.

In the video, Carlo was accused of “spoiling” another presenter during a live broadcast. Additionally, Jan claims that Carlo is “busy” with a “cover-up” for it. Yan had also heard that Carlo was “over-sexing”.

Then Jan spreads rumors a story About underage boys who are allegedly “assaulted” by Carlo. Carlo denied the allegations in his statement on social media.

makers chat They were in spite of the feud with Famke Louise. The rappers are demanding corrections and compensation from the men, after they allege, among other things, that Famke was abused by Ali B.

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