This is the origin of the American Altie

Aldi Verenigde Staten winkel

We have known for many years that Aldi in the Netherlands is a low-cost supermarket. In the United States, the chain is making good progress. The group wants to increase its presence in the country, especially now High inflation It forces consumers to look for cheaper alternatives to their everyday groceries.

Aldi opened the first U.S. branch in Iowa in 1976. Today, overseas activity covers more than 2,000 locations in 36 U.S. states.

By 2020, Aldi was the fastest growing supermarket chain in the United States. This year, the company plans to open 150 more stores across the country and one distribution center in the state of Alabama. This makes Aldi the third largest supermarket in the United States, after Walmart and Groger.

Business insider Mary Meissensell was impressed by the low price and quality of Aldi’s private labels. She went on to report:

Take a look at the supermarket American Aldi, which will become the largest in the United States

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