US urges Maduro regime to release activists condemning Savismo: “Attacks on civil society must end”

Javier Tarasona, Coordinator of Fundraising

The United States insisted Nicola Maduro He released activists who had been detained for denouncing Savismo and promised to do so “An independent and vibrant civil society is the cornerstone of democracy.”

With a message on your Twitter account, Julie ChungIt was maintained by the United States Undersecretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs “The indictment against Fundraisers in Venezuela accuses voluntary organizations of reporting the truth, defending human rights and taking leaders into account.”

The continuing attacks by the Maduro regime against civil society must end”, He concluded.

Julie Chung (Photo: Abi)
Julie Chung (Photo: Abi)

Fundrades, director of the Venezuelan NGO Javier Tarasona, The main voice condemning the conflict between the armed forces and FARC opponents on a border, and his two colleagues, Rafael Tarasona and Omar Garcia, They were arrested last Friday.

They were arrested when they went to headquarters Ministry of Public Works In the northwestern state Falcon To denounce the existence of a volunteer charity leader “Harassment and harassment by officers” of the agency’s police, intelligence service, and “unidentified officers.”

Tarasona was one of the basic voices in the conflict that began last March Armed Forces And dissidents FARC In the state Hurry (On the border with Colombia) and this lasted for about two months with an undecided death toll. As head of Fundredis, the lack of official data became an important source to find out what was going on in the region.

Dozens of NGOs and the Venezuelan opposition have condemned the arrest of the three activists. He was acquitted on the grounds that defending human rights was “not a crime”.

Savista’s attorney general’s office defended allegations of “terrorism” against activists who denounced the regime

Venezuela's Attorney General, Tarek Saab (EFE / Christian Hernandez / File)
Venezuela’s Attorney General, Tarek Saab (EFE / Christian Hernandez / File)

Defended by the Attorney General of the Savista regime Arbitrary arrest of activists Who condemned the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, Carried out under the charge of “terrorism”. The case was Considered particularly worrying UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michael Bachelet.

Tarek William Saab, Attorney General of Venezuela, On Tuesday, the human rights defender said they were three members of the voluntary charity Fundredis What They were arrested last Friday They get instructions from abroad. ”AttackChanges country and order. “It simply came to our notice then Slander It compromises the security of the country, “said Saab.

“These people came from abroad, and according to the computer and telephone expertise carried out, the means of attacking the state of Venezuela, Venezuelan companies and transformation seek to change the peace of the Republican Party, ”the attorney general said in a statement on the state channel. Venezuelan television (VTV).

Fundredis said it had received information that ten soldiers were missing during the fighting in Apur.  Later, the FARC protest group confirmed the abduction of eight Venezuelan troops (Photo: EFE / Johnny Barra / File)
Fundredis said it had received information that ten soldiers were missing during the fighting in Apur. Later, the FARC protest group confirmed the abduction of eight Venezuelan troops (Photo: EFE / Johnny Barra / File)

The chief official in the repressive structure of the regime, confirmed it Three activists, one of whom is Javier Tarasona, are known for condemning clashes between armed forces and FARC protesters on a border., They made the allegations against the Venezuelan government without presenting evidence. According to him, Tarasona, his brother Raphael and activist Omar Garcia carried on “Slander that seriously compromises the security of the country.”

Activists have recently condemned the alleged Venezuelan government’s relationship with the Colombian ELN guerrilla And disagreement with the FARC, as well as the existence of secret tracks and laboratories for drug processing. “These public statements and alleged complaints incite hatred against the country’s highest officials, civilians and the military, and seek to create a team of negative opinion at the international level, which in turn leads to new occupations in Venezuela,” the lawyer argued.

Saab further promised that There is a “foreign military intervention” behind these new occupations. Authorities are investigating the activists’ phones, where there is evidence of “instructions” they received, although they have not been able to identify the individuals who allegedly sent the orders.

Attorney General He reiterated that activists had been charged with “inciting hatred, treason and inciting terrorism.” It also announced that they were being held at the “Homebrew Nuevo Simone Bolivar Detention Center” in the capital, Caracas.

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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