The number of heat deaths in the US city of Phoenix has been recorded

The number of heat deaths in the US city of Phoenix has been recorded

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was able to contact the last unreachable Dutch people in Slovenia after the storm. Unable to catch them, friends and family called for help. The serious problems for the Dutch people in the affected area seem to have been solved.

Most of the affected Dutch people are housed in a school in the village of Resica ob Savinji, northeast of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. Most of them have already gone to their hometowns. As previously announced, more than ninety Dutch people in the area will be evacuated by bus on Sunday.

The ACSI Kampeerreizen area accommodates around two hundred camping guests. The organization re-assured on Sunday that they are all safe. This applies to all seventeen guests staying at TUI Nederland.

Consular staff in the area assessed the extensive damage caused by heavy rains and flooding. In the camps they saw the caravans upside down. Slovenia is a popular holiday destination for Dutch people.

Reuters – Flooding caused by heavy rains in the Slovenian town of Prevalje has caused a house to collapse.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not have an accurate picture of the number of Dutch people in Slovenia. It is an EU member state and Dutch citizens can travel without border restrictions. Not everyone follows the advice to report their presence in the country to the embassy through an app.

Four people died in the storm in Slovenia, including two Dutch nationals from Gouda. On Saturday evening, a dam broke in the east of the country, after which people had to be evacuated.

Emergency services in Slovenia also had their hands full on Sunday dealing with the effects of the severe weather. Rescuers had to respond overnight Saturday into Sunday to drain water, evacuate people, remove fallen trees and deliver emergency supplies.

There are also warnings of possible landslides, according to Slovenian media. Because of that risk, at least 110 people had to be brought to safety in Koroska Bela and other places along the Austrian border. In the town of Dolnja Bystrica, around five hundred residents were evacuated on Saturday evening after a dam broke. (AP)

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