Florida braces for storm surge

(CNN) – Damaging winds, including a life-threatening hurricane surge, heavy rain and isolated hurricane, are expected to hit southern Florida on Tuesday as tropical cyclone targets the Elsa Peninsula.

The storm triggered tropical storm clocks and coastal flood warnings in some parts of Florida’s west coast.

The Search and rescue teams at the site of a deadly building collapse on Florida’s Surface, Keeps an eye on it after the storm has made its approach Demolition of the rest of the building De Condominios Sampline Towers South.

Others in South Florida are preparing by filling sandbags, opening shelters, closing shops and schools, and operating local emergency operations centers.

Government Ron Desantis on Monday extended the state of emergency to 26 districts. President Joe Biden approved a state of emergency ahead of the storm.

The announcement, which began Sunday, authorizes the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate all disaster relief efforts in South Florida.

Elsa, which briefly reached hurricane strength on Friday as the first hurricane of the season, is now in Florida waters Land in Cuba Monday and crossed the Cayman Islands, completing both areas with heavy rain and strong winds, causing landslides and flooding.

The storm has intensified since leaving Cuba, with maximum winds blowing at 96 mph. The National Hurricane Center The NHC said there was a risk of life-threatening storms in some parts of Florida’s West Coast on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

The NHC said a tropical storm warning was in place from Craig Key to the dry Torcos, along the state’s west coast and from the Flamingo to Oklahoma River north of Everglades.

Authorities across the state have provided free sandbags to residents to help prevent flooding and are encouraging people to prepare for the storm.

“You want to be ready for anything,” an employee of the Pinellas County Emergency Operations Center told him. WFTS, CNN co. “You don’t really know.”

The center reopened Sunday after a team of Phineas County commissioners declared a local state of emergency for a tropical storm.

“We have not had any other storms in the past, but they ended up with a lot of flood damage,” the emergency official warned.

Prepare residents and businesses

At least four counties in the Tampa area – Hillsborough, Phillos, Hernando and Manatti – are opening shelters for residents, while others have set up their own emergency operations centers to prepare for the storm.

Voluntary evacuation orders have been issued for certain parts of Hernando County.

On Monday, people in the Mandi and Hillsborough districts marched and filled sandbags to help prevent flooding.

Said a new Florida resident WFTS You have never been in a tropical storm.

“This is our first experience. We received the announcement that we could get sandbags. We are in a little water, so we want to do as much as we can at this time,” the woman said.

Some companies close before the storm.

Said Niall Bowen, owner of Old Town Bakery in Key West WSVN, A CNN affiliate, which closes on Tuesday because the storm could affect its supply chain and supplies.

“In terms of impact, I don’t think we’re going to get a big weather event,” Bowen said.

Storms bring the risk of dangerous storms

The effects of the storm are already being felt in some parts of the state as Elsa moves north-northwest and drops heavy rains in the Florida Keys and dry Torque. 7 to 13 cm of rain is expected, with up to 20 cm possible in some places.

Conditions will continue to worsen in South Florida as up to one meter of storm surge and heavy rain continue until Tuesday, increasing the likelihood of flooding. Isolated hurricanes are also possible.

There are storm surge warnings from Bonita Beach to the west coast of Florida via the northern part of the Big Bend region, with the highest storm expected to be one to 1.5 meters from Englewood to the Asilla store. River.

This area of ​​Florida is prone to storm surges due to the shape of the coast and the shallow water near the shore.

The hurricane threat continues Tuesday night as the storm travels north parallel to the coast before returning to shore early Wednesday morning in the Big Bend.

Comes with tropical humidity and high waves system.

It is still raining heavily in Cuba from Elsa, which will continue until Tuesday morning. Rainfall of 12 to 25 cm is expected, with isolated areas reaching 38 cm, resulting in large flash floods and landslides.

The Cayman Islands may receive an additional 2.5 to 7.5 cm, resulting in scattered flash flooding.

The current forecast after a landslide in Florida is that the storm will move northeast through the Georgia lowlands and the Carolinas before it makes its way out of the Atlantic, where tropical storm conditions could develop. Heavy rains are likely to flood the Florida Peninsula next week as far as southeastern Georgia.

Heavy rains pose a risk of flooding and hurricanes to coastal areas. Once in the Atlantic, Elsa will continue as a rain generator to the east end of the coast until it enters the North Atlantic.

CNN’s Tina Burnside contributed to this report.

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