January 31, 2023

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US police react too late to Uvalde shooting due to 'systematic errors'  Now

US police react too late to Uvalde shooting due to ‘systematic errors’ Now

Nearly 400 officers opened fire at a school in the US city of Uvalde in late May, killing 21 people. “Systematic errors” and poor leadership created a chaotic situation and led to high numbers of deaths. This was revealed in an investigation conducted by the Texas Legislature.

After the shooting, the police quickly drew criticism for allegedly acting too slowly. The report, submitted Sunday, is the most detailed effort to date to determine why it took officers more than an hour to stop the 18-year-old gunman. He shot and killed 19 students and two teachers.

A Texas congressional panel concludes that “law enforcement officers failed to adhere to their training” and “did not put saving lives above their own safety.”

The researchers write in the 77-page document that 376 police officers rushed to the school in a chaotic manner. It would have been a lack of clear leadership. According to the group, the sense of urgency is also insufficient.

The committee also notes that there are many deficiencies in the school itself. For example, the fence surrounding the school building did not stop the shooter and school staff did not comply with rules regarding opening and closing internal and external doors. As a result, the shooter was able to easily enter the school through an unlocked door.

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