Suzuki Cappuccino, (very) cute kid

Suzuki Cappuccino, (very) cute kid

Autovisie is always looking for occasions for enthusiasts, and therefore spit listings for sale sites accelerator. nl via. This time we found a Suzuki Cappuccino.

Cappuccino is a very small car. It owes its size to the “Kei car” specification. Vehicles that meet these requirements in Japan are eligible for reduced taxes and insurance premiums.

Suzuki Cappuccino Small but beautiful occasion

The car was produced from 1991 to 97. In total, a little more than 28,000 copies of Cappucino were assembled. Only 61 of these are currently registered in the Netherlands. When buying, you’re assured of a very rare car – by Dutch standards, Autovisie Editor-in-Chief Jaco Bilsma believes.

suzuki cappuccino
(Photo: AutoTrack)

At Autovisie 23 of 2020, Bijlsma puts the Suzuki Cappucino straight against Honda Beat. He says, among other things, the following about the occasion: “You have to zoom in, because these are little supercars. With maximum exclusivity, that is. You’re more likely to hit a Ferrari or a Porsche than either.”

Drive around in a red Ferrari cappuccino

The small Suzuki engine is fit for about 64 hp at 6500 rpm. In principle, no more is required if you know that the car weighs 700 kilograms.

suzuki cappuccino

“Technology is limited, there is no such thing as a double cappuccino, the engine capacity is always limited to a maximum of 660 cm3. But shouldn’t Suzuki with its light weight of 721 kg and its engine power of at least 63 hp be called Espresso?”, says Bilsma.

How is the experience of driving such a Kei car?

“The Suzuki Cappuccino stays relaxed as you progress at a brisk pace. It feels safe, steers accurately, and doesn’t react too sharply, but sets itself up quickly and without hesitation. It’s also a mature sports car from a sporty point of view. And when you drive open in this dynamic dwarf build a cover The engine is smart, the feel is great.”

suzuki cappuccino

“You can hear the turbo. The three cylinders sound good anyway and respond quickly. The Suzuki brakes give confidence and continue to decelerate well when we push the limits a bit. The Japanese boy reacts stoically and completely free of crackle.”

Nice interior for the little ones among us

“The cockpit is mature and beautifully designed, unfortunately too small for people over 1.90m in height,” says Jaco Bilsma. So it takes some art and flying to get behind the wheel of a Suzuki Cappuccino.

suzuki cappuccino
Suitable for Suzuki Cappuccino. (Photo: AutoTrack)

“Cappuccino is absolutely correct in terms of design, everything is beautifully proportioned, but the car in general is not small but XXXS. When it is pulled and stops next to you, you realize how small it really is. It was not surprising that it was a right-hand drive, this is a feature of the cars Kei The small class was only for Japan.

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The hood, read the hardtop, is still open and that requires Houdini’s skills to get behind the wheel. If you’re over six feet tall, look for something else, because no matter how tall you try, the seat won’t recline any further.”

Suzuki cappuccino as an occasion

Autovisie finds a 1995 copy with a mileage of just under 100,000 km. To be precise, Suzuki has an experience of 91.472 km. It is a 0.7 Turbo Targa. Its price is 17,500 euros.

suzuki cappuccino
Suitable for Suzuki Cappuccino. (Photo: AutoTrack)

The price includes: air conditioning, electric windows, navigation system and central locking.

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