Ziggo’s next mini media box has been updated: Watch List commands and clearer subtitles

Ziggo's next mini media box has been updated: Watch List commands and clearer subtitles

Ziggo has this week New Firmware Update for Next Mini Media Box rolled. Update 4.41 adds the Watchlist and Add to My Watchlist commands to Voice Control and moves settings such as Audio Subtitles and Extended TV Guide to a new “Access Features” submenu.

Also, from now on, Amazon Prime Video content will be shown under Watch More. It only pertains to movies and series started via the search function in the same media box. Moreover, the default setting for series recording has been changed: now all available episodes are recorded automatically (instead of only the newest/later episodes).

Update 4.41 also brings a number of improvements and bug fixes. For example, subtitles for movies and series are now larger, sharper and without a black background. In addition, the two parts of split programs (such as a movie in which Shownieuws suddenly appears between them) are now automatically recorded and combined into one recording.

As far as bug fixes, the error message that the remote control batteries are dead should not appear. The Volume Control setting should now also be visible everywhere. Furthermore, audio is smooth again with Dolby’s “Multichannel PCM” in the Videoland app.

Older Mediabox XL It also got update 4.41, although it appears that only the “Accessibility” list has been added there. The ‘No New Episodes’ bug has been fixed and some optimizations and stability improvements have been made.

New ‘Accessibility’ menu


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