February 4, 2023

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Wat voor gerechten moet je in de VS geproefd hebben?

What foods should you have tasted in the United States?

With an area of ​​9,800 million km2, there is a lot to do in the United States. The country has fascinating nature, special cities and cuisine that everyone loves. It is the dream of many to admire America with their own eyes. Are you ready for ‘The American Dream’? Then do one Unique tour of AmericaAt your own discretion you can visit as many parts of the country as possible.

A personalized, planned dream trip to the United States

Everyone is different and there are options for a better trip. You may be interested in going through the western part of the country. Here you can find the special city of Los Angeles and find impressive Hollywood characters. Or travel to the eastern part of the country with the arrival of New York. How many movie scenes do you recognize here? It doesn’t matter where you go. By putting your best journey together individually, you will get the most out of your tour. One thing is for sure, you can enjoy American cuisine all over the country wherever you go.

American kitchen

It may be a typical Dutch dish, but apple pie is the pride of every American. “American like apple pie” is an American proverb for a reason. You can taste this and many other dishes all over the country. Interested in other typical American dishes?

Thick pancakes thick layer syrup. Delicious for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The hamburger is definitely not to be missed. Every American loves it, and so do you! You may have eaten this before, but no burger can compete with a real American.

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Do you like sweets? Sweet treat S’mor is a classic American snack. It is a fried marshmallow, combined with a batch of chocolate between two crackers. Put it on a campfire and you will experience the optimal American feel.

Depart for the United States

Are you sure you want a trip to the US to be on your bucket list? Of course you want to enjoy this as personally as possible. So see The most beautiful parts of America See which area is most suitable for you. During your dream trip to the United States, experience a variety of cuisines, diverse landscapes and impressive urban architecture.