February 4, 2023

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Murder suspects and violent thieves: These eight criminals vacationers can look for |  interior

Murder suspects and violent thieves: These eight criminals vacationers can look for | interior

ModernizationPassengers at Schiphol, Eindhoven and Rotterdam airports will be shown photographs of eight convicted criminals likely to have escaped abroad during these two weeks. The intention is for them to call the police if they come across men at their vacation destination. These are men who should have been imprisoned for serious crimes, including killers like 51-year-old Ahmed Ezzat.

Justice believes that these men are hiding to avoid punishment. But it is also suspected that some criminals – whether they hold a false identity or not – travel to other countries to visit relatives. Especially during this holiday period. The following eight men are wanted:

Amhid Aksima (46)
Aksima is the killer of his ex-wife, Maris van der Burgh, and the kidnapper of their daughter Esraa. He should actually life in prison. In 2004 he killed his ex-wife, accompanied by his daughter Esraa. In 2004, he took his two-year-old daughter with him Libya And there are still possibilities. Although Israel’s grandparents have not communicated with their grandson since 2007, because the country has been in turmoil for a long time. Axima uses several pseudonyms.

Clary and Geir van der Burgh with a painting of their murdered daughter, Maris, and granddaughter of kidnapped Isra.

Lolzim Spahyo (50)
Spahiu was involved in a 1999 hostage situation, in which the victim was mistreated and locked up for a crawl under a house in Emmen. Six months later, he did roughly the same thing to his then-girlfriend: she was abused and locked up in the crawl space of a house in Burren. Due to the ongoing lawsuit, he was released in 2001. He has been missing since 2004. That was when he had to go back to prison to get the last time 3.5 years He is serving a prison sentence of 4.5 years. The police think he’s there Albania or Kosovo he is.

Ahmed Ezzat (51)
Ezzat was convicted of killing Karen Marlefeld in 1995. He was initially acquitted and then deported to Egypt because he was residing illegally in the Netherlands. after becoming 10 years in prison Convicted, and found untraceable. The police suspect that he is still inside Egypt But he may also have gone to another country. Perhaps he was living under a different name. He was on the Dutch wanted list just a month ago.

Fathi Attia (46)
Attia has also been on the wanted list since last month. He was sentenced to three years in prison 12 years in prison For the murder of his Russian ex-wife, Victoria Rekina. He stabbed her ten times with a knife while their five young children were watching TV upstairs. Not long after, one of the girls found her mother’s body in the shed. At that point, Attia was already on the run. will eventually go to Libya He went. He had previously kidnapped two of his sons to that state. They are back now.

In 2015, residents of Hovelaken laid flowers, toys and candles at the home of the murdered Victoria Ritskina.

In 2015, residents of Hovelaken laid flowers, toys and candles at the home of the murdered Victoria Ritskina. © Saskia Berdennis van Berlekum

Sherif Cherz (44)
Tours is suspected of complicity in the murder of John Myers. Shot dead at Wirt in 2000. He still has 4,217 days of service, or 11.5 years. Korz was last seen in Zwolle, and he may be out and about now. Where exactly is unknown.

Jean Lancret (56)
Belgian Lanckriet was implicated in the death of another Belgian on a Dutch fishing boat in 1989. He was still present at the substantive hearing in his lawsuit, but after his pretrial detention was lifted, he escaped. he returned to BelgiumThe case is now officially over. However, the Netherlands would like to give him 4 years To serve the prison sentence for which he was convicted.

Giovanni Rivera (60)
Rivera robbed a bank in Dordrecht in 1992. He was on the run for a month afterward, but was arrested in early 1993. On appeal, the court sentenced him 4 years prison cell. On top of that comes an additional penalty 2.5 years, for taking prison staff hostage, stealing a getaway car, and possessing a firearm. And since he was also convicted in Germany for theft, he was imprisoned there for 7 years. But because the Dutch case ended in Germany, he was released there after serving his sentence. It has been missing since then. Maybe he’s still inside GermanyBut according to the police, he regularly travels through Europe and uses pseudonyms such as Hans Dieter and Chris de Haan.

Kumali Ata (38)
In 2004 he murdered his 18-year-old cousin, Dennis Selleck, in a hotel in Enschede. So Atta was sentenced 10 years in prison, but he was never caught after what he did. The police take into account that he entered under a pseudonym turkey He lives, and he was with his family in Zwolle, Steenwijk or Dortmund under this name.

Mother Heike Selleck holding a photo of her daughter.  Inset: Daughter of Dennis Selleck.

Mother Heike Selleck holding a photo of her daughter. Inset: Daughter of Dennis Selleck. © Emiel Muijderman

finally too Nazir Ahmed Chaudhry Wanted, but due to the lack of a good picture of him, the Ministry of Justice did not put it on billboards at Dutch airports. still it 5 years For the aggravated assault that resulted in the death of his stepson.

take a picture

Police hope that travelers who spot criminals will report it. Also preferably with the photo, because some of the last known photos are years old. The fact that some are wanted in countries like Libya – not a popular tourist destination given the security situation in the country – does not mean that people should not look for them. Police assume that wanted men travel occasionally, and that they also travel to other countries.

“We would like to get these guys in,” a police spokesman said. “We looked at what else we could do. That’s where the idea came from. We’ll see if it works. We’ve never done that before.”

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