Update: Powell avoids serious knee injuries

Update: Powell avoids serious knee injuries

Portland Trail Blazers Winger Norman Powell left the second quarter of tonight’s game against Phoenix Suns After sustaining an injury to his left knee.

The starting winger left the field and went straight to the locker room leaving 5.43 In the second quarter vs. suns.

The dynamic winger had a strong start to the competition, posting 16 points from 6 of 8 shots, including two three-shooters, along with 2 rebounds. He scored 14 points from 33 percent of shots and five rebounds in the team’s opening night loss to Sacramento Kings Wednesday.

Powell also suffered a groin injury in his first pre-season match against Golden State Warriors advance this month.

This summer, Powell signed a five-year, $90 million contract to stay with the Blazers, cementing him as the team’s young starter.

The extent of the knee injury remains to be determined. We will update this post when news becomes available.


ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Powell avoided serious injury after undergoing an MRI, but the full extent of the injury has not been revealed.

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