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Razer wants to sell more components, so it announced a line of case fans, PhD water coolers, PWM fan controllers, and ATX power supplies. All parts, except for the controller, have RGB lighting.

from Razer Konai Cassifans It has liquid bearings and is available in 120mm and 140mm sizes. The 120mm fan can handle from 500 to 2000 rpm and the 140mm variator can handle a maximum speed of 1600 rpm. The blades and fan housing are black, with a circular RGB bezel around the fan. The small version contains eighteen RGB LEDs, while the large version contains four more. The Razer Kunai Chroma costs 50 euros for the small version and 55 euros for the large version.

razer Hanbo Chroma-aio . Water Dispenser It also comes in two variants with fluid bearings. The 240mm version has two fans, and the 360mm fans get an extra fan. The Ph.D water cooler seems to be having a fan of Kunai. The water block gets the Razer logo with RGB lighting and a circular bezel, just like the fans. Razer has teamed up with Asetek for Hanbo; Razer says it wants to work with this company more often on PhD coolers in the future. No price has been announced for this product.

Case fans and water cooler for PhD can be connected Razers PWM PC Fan Controller, which can accommodate up to eight fans. Works with Razer Synapse to adjust fan speed and lighting colors. The fan controller can also turn off the fans if the temperatures are low enough. This model costs 55 euros.

The last product is D Razer Katana, fully modular power supply with at least 80 Plus Platinum certification. This ATX power supply is available in several types. The 750 to 1200 watt versions have this platinum certification, while the 1600 watt model gets the 80 Plus Titanium certification. The power supply fan can be turned off as long as the temperature is low enough. The power supply also has RGB lighting around the fan, and is compatible with Razer Chroma software.

Razer says it plans to ship some components to the US later this month; The rest of the world will follow later this year. The katana feed will come early next year. The manufacturer wants to sell more components in the “near future”.

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