First video images of rescued dogs trapped in lava in La Palma | Abroad

First video images of rescued dogs trapped in lava in La Palma |  Abroad

VideoVideo images have surfaced online of six dogs recently rescued from their ordeal by a mysterious team on the Canary Island of La Palma. The hounds were trapped between lava flows due to the current eruption of Cumbre Vieja.

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23-10-21, 21:19

Unidentified people, calling themselves “Team A,” rescued the animals and sent recordings of the four rescued friends to the magazine’s editors. Rock rose and fishing line. Spanish media concluded that the rescuers were the owners of the animals. In the video, it appears that six podenko are well looked after and fed.

Police are now investigating whether rescuing dogs is a crime. Due to the volcanic eruption, no one was allowed to enter the area.

Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted on the Spanish island of La Palma more than a month ago. The lava, among other things, has trapped several dogs in a walled garden. These were rescued by the mysterious “team”. © Videostyle


The dogs were trapped in an empty aquarium after escaping from their owners. The original plan was to free the animals with a drone and a safety net. A company that had been preparing for a rescue for days suddenly found that the dogs had disappeared from the aquarium.

Shortly thereafter, a La Palma media portal posted a video showing a sign that read: “Good luck La Palma, dogs are fine, team.” The animals were provided with water and food via drones for several days.

Previously, drones were used to drop food for dogs:

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