El Gouna Festival in Egypt apologizes to RedOne

El Gouna Festival in Egypt apologizes to RedOne

October 23, 2021 – 19:00 – Culture


The organizers of the El Gouna Film Festival in Egypt have apologized for the poor presentation of music producer Red One and singer Noaman Belachi.

The administration of the El Gouna Film Festival in Egypt said, in a statement, that on Tuesday, October 14, during the musical show before the opening ceremony, the two Moroccan artists, Red One and Noaman Belachi, were not presented correctly, unlike Al-Masry. Singer Mohamed Ramadan.

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RedOne’s absence from the presentation at the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Festival provoked outrage from the Moroccan public, who accuse the organizers of underestimating their guests. Other artists, including Latifa Raafat, also interacted on social media, noting the exceptional career of music producer RedOne and bemoaning the “disdain” he was subjected to.

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“The management of the El Gouna International Film Festival officially apologizes to the brotherly Moroccan people for not presenting the international star of Moroccan origin RedOne and the Moroccan composer Noaman Belachi at the opening ceremony. We want to make it clear that what happened was an unintended mistake and we deeply regret that this happened and we hope that this will not happen,” the board said in a statement. It happens again.”

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