Unit CEO: Game makers who don’t look at money early are the biggest fools

Game makers who don’t look at how to monetize early in the development process are “some of the biggest fucking fools” according to Unity CEO John Riccitiello. Riccitiello says thanks liquefaction They better understand what players want and think.

Mark Witten, General Manager at Unity, He told PocketGamer Today’s game makers no longer have a hard time figuring out whether an idea for their game is interesting enough, but whether that idea can beat the hype of other games and find “the right customers and players”. This will be especially true in the smartphone game market, where tens of thousands of games are released every month.

To ensure games like this stand out from the crowd, Whitten wants to add monetization indicators within the Unity game engine that can give game makers feedback early in the development process on how well the game has handled customers. The focus appears to be on income as micro-transactions and less on income than on the purchase of the game itself.

PocketGamer stated in the interview that early implementation of such pointers may be criticized by some developers. “It’s a very small segment of the gaming industry that thinks this way,” said Riccitiello. “Some of these developers are my favorite people to fight with, they are the nicest, purest and smartest people, but they are also some of the biggest fucking fools.”

According to Unity’s CEO, these developers stick to the old model, in which they developed a game and then looked only at monetization. “The industry divides people who stick to this philosophy and developers who are highly embracing how to figure out what makes a product successful.”

To get one of the unit growth engine Handling features like monetization indicators, the company recently announced Integration with ironSource. unit pays According to the Wall Street Journal, $4.4 billion, approximately 4.4 billion euros, was transferred to the iron source. The latter makes ad programs for developers that allow them to see the revenue of the programs in games and other applications.

This integration has been criticized, in part due to the use of IronSource in the installCore procedure. InstallCore allows developers to help with the installation process potentially unwanted install it, PC Gamer writes. Unity is a game engine that can be used for PC, console, and smartphone games. Riccitiello was the CEO of Electronic Arts at the turn of the century.

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