Call of Duty continues to appear on Playstation

Call of Duty continues to appear on Playstation
Call of Duty advertisement in New York

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popular game Call of duty He continues to play on the Playstation, even after the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer announced on Twitter that Microsoft and Sony, the manufacturer of the Playstation, have signed an agreement on this.

Since it became clear that Microsoft game publisher Activision wanted to take over Blizzard, Sony and Playstation gamers feared that the games would only be released on Xbox. So Sony strongly opposed the potential takeover. Microsoft has promised many times that this will not happen. And with this agreement, those concerns are officially over for the time being. It is not yet clear how long the agreement will last.

Nintendo already signed an agreement with Microsoft in December. reported that Call of dutyThe games will also be released for Nintendo game consoles in the next ten years.

The multi-billion dollar acquisition was approved this week by a US federal judge. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the US regulator, tried to block the deal, because the acquisition would lead to unfair competition.

Activision Blizzard comes next Call of duty Also popular games World of WarcraftAnd Overwatch And candy crush Outside. The potential acquisition was announced in early 2022 and is worth around €60 billion. It will be the largest acquisition ever in the gaming industry.

Games make billions

Documents erroneously released by a US court last week provide a glimpse into the value Call of duty for Playstation. Only half of the information has been crossed out with a black marker, so that the text remains legible.

In the US, the Playstation game collected $800 million in 2021, and hit $1.5 billion worldwide. If in-game purchases and subscriptions count, fetch Call of duty Playstation 15.9 or 13.9 billion, depending on the hard-to-read black-painted numbers.

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