January 31, 2023

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Fire destroys homes and restaurants in France, and 10,000 people evacuated |  Abroad

Fire destroys homes and restaurants in France, and 10,000 people evacuated | Abroad

Forest firesA large wildfire off the coast southwest of Bordeaux has destroyed seven homes and two restaurants near Cazaaux in the Gironde province. About 4,000 people were evacuated in the city yesterday. According to local media, the buildings were completely destroyed. Elsewhere in Europe, serious work is still being done to put out fires. As far as is known, last day she fell victim to a forest fire in Hungary.

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According to the French authorities, the fire service managed to save at least a hundred houses and other buildings in Cazaux from the fire. So nine buildings cannot be saved.

A ruined restaurant in Cazaux, near La Teste-de-Buch in southwest France. © AFP

This is the first major property damage reported from the Gironde since two fires broke out early this week. Previously, the houses were not threatened and mainly pine forests were burned. Meanwhile, more than 7,300 hectares of forest, an area of ​​more than 10,000 football fields, was set ablaze. More than 10,000 people were evacuated.

France has been suffering from large forest fires for a week:

Another forest fire is to the east, near Landeras, south of Bordeaux. There, 4,200 hectares of forest were burned. Firefighting teams announced that nearly five hundred people had to leave their homes at night from Thursday to Friday due to the dangers of the fire. But a spokesman for her said Friday morning that they still stick to their position.

A firefighter in Casaux, France.

A firefighter in Casaux, France. © AFP

The fire brigade is not yet able to control the fire. It is feared that this will not be possible due to the winds this weekend.

death cases

Meanwhile, fires are raging in other countries in southern Europe. There were also injuries here and there. In Soltszentimre, central Hungary, a person was killed by a small forest fire that destroyed a farm.

The Hungarian fire brigade extinguishes the forest near Soltszentimre.

The Hungarian fire brigade extinguishes the forest near Soltszentimre. © ANP / EPA

Thirteen fires are still raging in Portugal today, spreading across the country. More than a thousand firefighters are battling the fire.

In Spain, they rage near Extremadura, on the border with Portugal, and near Castile and Leon in the center of the country. In the last place, four small villages were evacuated on Friday. There, flames threaten a five-century-old monastery and national park.

There are no wildfires in the Spanish region of Catalonia, but the authorities are taking precautions. For example, camping and sports activities have been banned around 275 towns and villages in order to prevent the bone-dry nature of unintentionally catching on fire. For the same reason, farmers are not allowed to use more agricultural machinery everywhere. It was hot in these areas for several weeks, and it was warmer than 40 degrees Celsius for several days.

The fire brigade deploys firefighting helicopters in Extremadura, among others.

The fire brigade deploys firefighting helicopters in Extremadura, among others. © Reuters/

heat plan

Almost all over Portugal, large parts of Spain, and parts of France, a heat plan for severe weather has been in place for days. In the far north of Europe, people are now also taking precautions against the heat expected next weekend and early next week.

The United Kingdom has issued a code red for the “severe heat” that will hit the country on Monday and Tuesday. According to the British weatherman, it’s entirely possible that records will be smashed. Temperatures above 38.7 degrees have not been measured here before. Especially in urban areas, the nights are also very warm. This is likely to have a significant impact on us and the infrastructure.”

Also in the Netherlands, RIVM . is preparing National Heat Plan Before. Rijkswaterstaat and the ANWB take into account the excessive crowds and many breakdowns on Dutch roads due to the expected heat.

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