Ubisoft postpones the launch of XDefiant and expects it to be released in October – Games – News

There are always one or more types of hype in the AAA game industry that gets a lot of attention because a game scored very well in a particular format. Around 2004+, this was the MMO, which every publisher imitated, but not always successfully. Then, we saw a weird number of similar open world games after the success of Assassin’s Creed (this is still going), and since then looter shooters, with or without the “live service” concept (which I mainly see when players skimp on beads and mirrors, But this is outside the scope of the topic.)

Even the most specific elements also see a lot of copy behavior. For example, the concept of a very colorful group of heroes originally came from fighting games like Street Fighter. The main goal was to give the different fighters a different enough look in terms of silhouette and color scheme, so that you could easily recognize your fighter in a crowded situation. This was later implemented in what is now called the hero shooter.

And finally, fighting for just one life in an increasingly smaller arena, or Battle Royale.

We now see these types of components more often together. It obviously makes a lot of money, but just like with an MMO, that bet is not infinite. Every publisher wants the same limited income from us as their own title, and soon that income becomes very similar. We see the same thing in the world of film and television. The hype eventually dies due to over saturation and too many financially failed projects.

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XDeviant seems to fit right in with this latest hype, but it’s lagging significantly behind competitors like COD: Warzone, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Overwatch and others. But players can be turned away from these titles, especially if they’re not very popular and XDeviant turns out to be really good. Maybe Ubisoft hopes so.

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