Is Jan Dallas cheating on his wife? “She’s had enough”

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The list of celebrities who cheat on their partners goes on. Today, Yvonne Coldweger added a new celebrity to the list: Jan Dallas is said to have cheated on his wife, Carolyn Moll, multiple times.

Yvonne Coldweger is back again juice About a cheating celebrity. This time it’s not about Andre Hazys or Waylon, but about Jan Dallas. “Jean Dallas is clearly a huge cheater,” Coldweger wrote on her Juice channel. “And Caroline has discovered that many times.”

Jean Dallas case

What happened? “Last summer, Jan called a girl he had been in a relationship with before. Two days later Caroline found out and called that girl. I’ve seen screenshots of this.”

“Dirty liar”

According to Yvonne, Caroline asked the woman for screenshots of the conversation she had with Jan. “The maid indicates that she removed this. Caroline indicates that she can send it safely because she and Jan broke up (shock),” the Juice Queen continues. The woman allegedly told Caroline how the conversation between her and Jean went. “He’s a filthy liar,” Caroline texts her. I don’t feel like doing this anymore. I had enough.”‘


But for those who follow the couple on Instagram, you’ll see that Jan and Caroline are still sharing snaps of each other. Did Caroline forgive Jean again? “On her Instagram account, you can see that she is with her parents. But what happens next? Three days later she posted another selfie with Jan! Convenient! Date in the evening Girl. “It’s also a way to live your life,” Coldweger says.

Remember Yvonne juice About Jan’s “shock”, because he and Caroline have been through so much together. Their daughter, Donna, died in December 2020 due to complications resulting from a ruptured diaphragm. Jan was holding his three-month-old daughter in his arms when she died. “This is a shock that will never go away,” he said at the time in an interview with the weekly magazine Privé.

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