Will Starfield and Spider-Man 2 continue in September 2023?

Will Starfield and Spider-Man 2 continue in September 2023?

On Wednesday, Bethesda Game Studios president Todd Howard addressed the world and told viewers that his game, starfieldWhich will hit stores on September 6 this year. A nice message to many players, but one with a dark edge. The long-awaited RPG release was initially planned for the first half of 2023. And so they just don’t get it. Which means that the match will be postponed again. This time with half a year. Anyway, let’s not be a party spoiler, September is also a great date. Until then, there are still enough other great games out there.

Starfield release date announced: September 6, 2023

The question that immediately arises is what game(s) will PlayStation bring back? After all, fall is traditionally the time to unpack the baggage with a number of powerful and exclusive first party games. Good exclusive games could mean someone is more likely to buy a console or, in the case of Xbox, sign up for a Game Pass subscription. So what titles do the parties have on their schedule? JJ looked into it and saw that there was still a lot that wasn’t clear. So it seems that the period around June is very important for the two.

What will the fall PlayStation and Xbox lineup be?

In this video, we list all the first party games that we know, whose makers themselves have confirmed their existence and which you can somewhat doubt that they can be released this year. What games are there besides Starfield and Spider-Man 2? What are the odds that it will actually materialize? And when will the parties announce these titles? From Xbox, we know this date since Wednesday, which is Sunday, June 11th. But when will PlayStation release more news? You will see and hear the answer in the video.

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