March 25, 2023

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U.S. agents and doctors have blamed the death on a black man

U.S. agents and doctors have blamed the death on a black man

McLean is believed to have died of a heart attack. It happened several months before George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis.


A large panel of citizens, a group of citizens who decide whether a lawyer has sufficient evidence to prosecute, has decided that the officers and doctors will be charged. “Our goal is to seek justice for Elijah McLean, his family and friends, and for his state,” Attorney General Bill Weiser told reporters last night.

All five have been charged with manslaughter and manslaughter. Four of them are charged with assault, including two doctors who gave McClain ketamine without his permission. Agents and doctors have been suspended immediately and indefinitely as legal action is pending.

‘Do Nothing Wrong’

It has been more than two years since McLean died. At that time, the authorities received information about a ‘suspicious’ black man who was behaving ‘strangely’ in the street.

McLean went to the grocery store and took cold tea bags and walked home. The New York Times reports that the 23-year-old told authorities when he was arrested that he was “introverted and different.” “I did nothing wrong.” McLean fainted as a result of his arrest and was taken to hospital, where he died six days later.

It is rare in the United States for police officers to be blamed for the deaths of suspects. The white ex-policeman who killed black George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA last year was sentenced in June this year to 22.5 years in prison. The American media said it was a historic verdict.

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McLean’s death was reconsidered earlier this year, and major protests erupted in Aurora over the circumstances surrounding his arrest. The investigation revealed that the 23-year-old was arrested on the street for ‘unknown reason’. Floyd’s death and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement drew attention to the matter.