Tesla is recalling more than 1 million cars in the US

Tesla is recalling more than 1 million cars in the US

According to NHTSA, the cars do not meet legal safety requirements for electric car windows. (Photo: Tesla)
Tesla is recalling 1.1 million cars in the U.S. for a software update for window mechanics. The firmware that causes the car window to automatically lower when an object is detected may not work properly, increasing the risk of injury. This was reported by the Reuters news agency. In February, Tesla recalled more than 800,000 cars due to faulty seat belt signals.

over the air

Tesla has informed NHTSA that an over-the-air update is coming to the Model 3 (2017-2022). Model Y (2020-2021) and Model S and X (2021-2022). According to US regulator NHTSA, the cars involved do not meet the legal safety requirements that electric car windows must meet. Tesla also reports that there are no known warranty claims or accidents related to the recall.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk criticized the turn of events on Twitter and did not want to talk about the recall. “The wording is outdated and imprecise. This is just a minor software update and as far as we know there are no crashes.

There are currently more than 60,000 Teslas on the road in the Netherlands. It has not been announced whether these cars will also be eligible for the update.

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