“Now you pay double for the bickering, that goes too far for me” | Currently

"Now you pay double for the bickering, that goes too far for me" |  Currently

Every day to the supermarket around the corner or once a week off all the deals? With the current cost crisis, we are more critical of our spending, including in the supermarket. In the department receipt We talk to a Dutchman every week about his supermarket strategy in times of inflation.

From: Lena Glucksman Nelson (40)
Makes a living like: Customer service employee
spirits: in Amsterdam

soft receipt

  • Semi Skimmed Organic Milk 2.58 EUR
  • Organic vanilla yogurt 1.99 €
  • Yogurt 1.79 €
  • Tuna 1.24 €
  • Pressed juice 2.99 €
  • Avocado and mango juice 2.39 EUR
  • Bami soup 1.10 €
  • Butter 4.89 €
  • Mayonnaise 1.60 €
  • Onion Cheese Crusher 0.99 €
  • Bread €1.69
  • Kipling 3.49 €
  • Butcher’s ham 2.79 €
  • Organic bacon slices 3.39 EUR
  • Ravioli sauce 1.09 €
  • Croissant dough 2.19 EUR
  • 2 spice jars 3.18 €
  • Cookies 0.75 €
  • Energy drink 2.78 €
  • Only onions 1.49 €
  • Banana 0.97 €
  • pear 2.13 euro
  • Total: 48.74 €

How many days and how many people have these messages?
“For me and my teenage sons aged 12-14 who are currently insatiable. Two kilos of onions, butter, and mayonnaise will last longer. But dairy, crackers, and fruit will definitely be gone in a couple of days.”

Do current price increases affect the groceries you buy?
“Growing up with two sons, I don’t think it’s a good plan to cut back on food and drink. But I’d rather buy this kipling from the fishmonger. It tastes better when it’s baked in front of you. But I would definitely go there for now. Paying double is a bit too far for me.”

Lena Glucksman Nelson

Lena Glucksman Nelson

Lena Glucksman Nelson

Do you buy cheaper brands?
“It depends if there is a difference in taste and that is different for each product. But instead of pears and bananas, I prefer to buy raspberries and blackberries, for example. But the main price you pay for it now, for 200 grams of tasteless fruit, I have I’m from Sweden and there you can pick it yourself and pay a fraction of that price per kilo and the taste is incomparable. Call me spoiled.”

Have you ever visited a Swedish supermarket? Do you see the same price going up there?
“Yes, it’s the EU too. But my family lives outside the big city. She goes straight to the farms there to do the shopping. Since you don’t have a middleman, it’s cheaper and really tastes a lot better.”

“Another difference: Swedish supermarkets seem more family-oriented. You buy bigger packages. One or two kilograms of meat is the norm. Here in Amsterdam the houses are smaller of course and you can’t afford to lose anything. So in the end Sweden is cheaper in terms of groceries because you You buy in larger quantities.”

If prices go up more, will you look for a cheaper supermarket?
“I don’t think about all the products. I think it makes sense to invest more time in shopping by scoring deals in different stores.”

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