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Twitter will start selling Blue subscriptions again starting November 29, when unauthenticated users can get a blue checkmark after their name. However, users lose this check if they change their name until Twitter approves the name change.

CEO Elon Musk He says on his social media Wishing to launch Blue Subscription again on November 29, after speaking earlier about “maybe this weekend”. Subscribing allows users to have a blue checkmark next to their name, among other things. The previous Blue plan allowed users to change their name while keeping the blue check mark, but with the new version of Blue, changing the name allows subscribers Check the blue checkmark. Only when Twitter confirms that the new name meets the platform’s requirements will it get the blue check again.

With this new rule, Twitter wants to prevent abuse. This blue checkmark was initially only for verified users, but it was With blue insert It can also be used by unauthenticated users. Many users pretended to be celebrities or companies with a Blue subscription. For example, a user posed as the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and wrote in a tweet that the company’s insulin would be free. The blue check mark made the message appear legitimate, causing confusion and a significant drop in the company’s stock value. Eli Lilly decided so Pull ads from Twitterlike many other companies.

Twitter has tried to counteract the verification chaos with Enter a gray check mark, which may appear in certain accounts such as government accounts and large companies. Thus, the “official” checkmark will take over the function of the blue checkmark, although the official checkmark will appear in fewer places than the blue checkmark. Shortly after that blue check mark was introduced, Twitter briefly discontinued it. Twitter Blue costs $8 per month and was paused on November 11th, less than a week after its initial launch.

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