Satellite operation started in USA – Netherlands when?

Satellite operation started in USA - Netherlands when?

Starting today you can make an emergency call via satellite operation in the US and Canada. When will this service come to the Netherlands?

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Satellite function for emergency calls

Apple is there New satellite operation If you don’t have coverage you can make an emergency call. This functionality makes it possible to share a short message with a location, even if you are not near a cell tower. Your location is visible in the ‘Find Me’ app.

Available in the US and Canada

So the new satellite feature is now available in the US and Canada. The service is free for the first two years anyway. It is not yet known how expensive the service will be after the first two years. Only satellite emergency calls are available iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro And iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Expansion to European countries in December

Apple has indicated that it will now bring the service to Europe as well. It’s happening faster than expected: Next month residents of several European countries will already be able to make an emergency call via satellite operation.

The service will be rolled out to France, Germany, Ireland and the UK next month. It remains to be seen when satellite functionality will come to the Netherlands, but Apple won’t wait long to introduce the functionality in Europe. We are curious to try this activity in our eastern neighbors.

Sending an emergency call via satellite: Here’s how it works

To send an emergency call when you have no coverage, however, it is essential to have an unobstructed view of the horizon. Then you give iPhone Point your phone in any direction for best range.

Once you’ve connected to a satellite, you’ll need to choose a reason for a distress call. Here you choose between five options: car breakdown, illness or injury, crime, lost or fire. Once you select a reason, the message will be sent to the satellite. Your location, altitude, battery percentage and medical ID will be sent with this message.

24 Globalstar satellites provide coverage

The satellite sends a message with your location to a radio station on Earth. This is done via one of Globalstar’s 24 satellites. If you use the function, you will contact the emergency number. By sending chat messages, you can further explain your situation and get help. Helpline can contact ‘real’ emergency services to ensure you are rescued.

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