Sinterklaas is short on assistants: “We can’t afford to miss that, can we?” | show

Sinterklaas is short on assistants: "We can't afford to miss that, can we?"  |  show

Sinterklaas NewsSanta Claus doesn’t like that. After the steamer sank early, the following problem arose again last night: the good holy man is short of pets. Not convenient at all, because help is desperately needed, as seen by 816,000 viewers. When it also became evident that Rijmpiet was not present, the measure was full to St. Nicholas. “But we can’t miss it, can we? Who else would write an ode to this surprise?” he looked panicked.

Now that thousands of gifts are lost at the airport and scattered around the world, many helpers have to fly by plane to get packages home safely. But Pieten’s patience was tested, because, as it turned out yesterday in Sinterklaas NewsThere were endless lines at the airport. They couldn’t do that now. “This will take hours,” Shots sighed.

Meanwhile, panic also hit Sinterclass. He needed the help of Rijmpiet, who had to write a poem for a surprise. But both Listen to Piet and Waspiet had no time at all to bring the present from Sint to Rijmpiet. And as if it couldn’t get any worse, Sinterklaas discovers that all sorts of job vacancies have been plastered to the window. “This is strange,” he muttered.

do not worry

Fortunately, Hoofdpiet arrived just in time to give Sinterklaas some explanation: there weren’t enough Scatter Piets left so they were urgently looking for reinforcements. “Because we went by plane, not everyone could come. Because, of course, the plane is smaller than the boat,” explained de Hofdebet. “Do I understand correctly that there is a lack of a house?” asked Saint.

It turns out that this is indeed the case. But Hofdebit assures him that Sinterklaas really has nothing to worry about. “Everything that we really couldn’t lose, I took with me, of course.” For a moment Sinterklass thought the problem had been solved. But nothing could be further from the truth, because the unmissable Rijmpiet was still in Spain. That was the last straw for Sinterklass. “But we can’t miss it, can we? Who else should write an ode to this surprise?” he snorted.

De Hoofdpiet therefore decided to hang a vacancy for De Rijmpiet on the window. The question remains: Will he be found in time, or will Sinterklass have to compose all the poems himself?

It was anything but calm yesterday: More than 800,000 viewers watched how it went Suddenly a farmer appeared on a tractor and how the demonstration symbol of the farmers – the inverted Dutch flag – was hoisted in the Grote Pietenhuis.

Hoofdpiet provides a vacancy © NPO

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