With this trick, your Android phone always has a new wallpaper | Technique

With this trick, your Android phone always has a new wallpaper |  Technique

Our phones are full of beautiful pictures that would make great wallpapers, but you can only set one at a time. At least, you might think so: with these tricks, you see a different wallpaper on your mobile phone every time.

Especially on Android phones, it can be difficult to set multiple wallpapers. Apple users have got a way, thanks to iOS 16 Easy to set multiple wallpapers Including the lock screen. You can make many variants of it, so that every day feels like a new experience with your phone.

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Changing your phone’s wallpaper seems like a small thing, but when you think about it, you see a lot more about your wallpaper. The average American appearance in 2022 every four minutes on his phone. The number of minutes is also high in the Netherlands, although these numbers are somewhat older. Hence, constantly looking at the same picture can be very annoying.

This is how you use multiple wallpapers on Android

If you have a phone from Samsung, OnePlus, Google, or one of the other phone makers that uses Android, you simply can’t select multiple wallpapers from the default settings. After all, that isn’t baked into Android.

Android 13 already has the option to change wallpapers, but you can’t choose your own. For example, the Google Pixel 7 line recently released in the Netherlands, for example, offers ten albums with photos from the company itself and cool shots from other Pixel owners to switch between.

If you want to view several of your photos at the same time, you have to do a little more. For this you have to install a separate app, where you can choose from many options in the Google Play Store.

Option 1: changer

Changer is one such application that you can use. This gives you different options for using your photos as wallpaper, rotating them constantly.

You can create a digital photo album with many DIY snapshots. Then the app ensures that you change that daily. Of course you can also control how often you see a new photo. You also get a different wallpaper every ten minutes.

The icons screen on Android is often made up of several pages, and you can run an image through each page. This makes it seem like you’re always seeing part of the board.

Option 2: Auto change wallpaper and backgrounds changer

Auto Change Wallpaper and Wallpaper Changer are also good apps to use. In this regard, you have a lot of options across the Play Store and it just comes down to which app you want to use.

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