Trump resorts to court to prevent the release of documents | Abroad

Trump resorts to court to prevent the release of documents |  Abroad

Trump also believes that his former advisers should not testify about his role during the events of that day. Former chief of staff Mark Meadows and former adviser Steve Bannon, among others, have been called for clarification, but have declined to appear so far.

Legal experts are divided over whether this presidential privilege applies to a former president and no court has yet ruled on it.

A House of Representatives investigative committee has been formed to assess Trump’s role in the attack on the House of Representatives in Washington. President Joe Biden authorized the release of the documents to this committee earlier this month.

The commission’s request is a disturbing and illegal attempt to search for information. A statement filed by a Washington court said this was publicly supported by him and aimed at unconstitutionally investigating President Trump and his administration.

In the lawsuit, Trump wants to force the judge to void any request for information from the investigative committee and hopes to prevent the National Archives from turning over the requested documents.

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