F1 needs American driving to grow further in the US

F1 needs American driving to grow further in the US

Thanks in part – or perhaps most importantly – to the Netflix series Drive to Survive, the popularity of Formula 1 has grown again in the United States in recent years. “Drive to Survive is definitely one Great deal Is, ”said Danica Patrick, who will be part of the Sky Sports F1 presentation team at the US Grand Prix in Austin this weekend Motorsport.tv. “A lot of people have come to me over the years and I say they are very interested in Formula 1 because of what they have done. [op Netflix] Seen. I think it has given a human side to the game and provided storylines. You will understand what is really going on in the game.

In 2022, the second Formula 1 race in the United States will be added to the Grand Prix in a street roundabout in Miami. When asked what the game needs now to grow further in the United States, Patrick says: “When an American driver arrives in the United States who can cheer the public on, you will find that there is more focus on the game, whether it’s on TV, in the newspapers, in the morning news or on late night shows on sports shows. There will be a reason to focus on that.I think [de deelname van een Amerikaanse coureur] Definitely will help. “

Potential American Formula 1 driver Colton Herta. The California driver is currently competing in the IndyCar series, in which he won the IndyCar race at the circuit of the United States at the age of 18 and became the youngest race winner of all time two years ago. Last year, Herta finished third in the championship with Andrei Autosport. It was fifth in the finals this year. Now there are those statements Andrei Autosport is nearing the acquisition of the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team. If a second American racing staple is to be added to the stage, Hertha appears to be a logical candidate for Andrei to embark on a Formula 1 adventure.

Patrick will wholeheartedly promote a Formula 1 move from Herta. “Of course, this is something he wants to do and if he feels he has a chance to do well … that is, it certainly will not make him a bad driver.” If the Formula 1 adventure is not a success for Herta, he could always return to Indigo, says Patrick. “I think it’s going to be a great opportunity. If it’s really something he wants, it’s going to be so awesome. If it turns out to be a whole American event, it’s absolutely awesome. I’m very curious how it’s going to happen.”

The last American driver in Formula 1 was Alexander Rosie, who in 2015 drove five Grand Prix for Manor Marucia. The last American Formula 1 victory came in 1978. That year Mario Andrei won the Dutch Grand Prix at the Jantward Circuit.

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