November 29, 2022

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Apple announces 3rd generation AirPods with redesigned design and spatial sound – Sound and Vision – News

Because some people just don’t stay in their ears. Personally I have had very bad experiences with the earbuds so I don’t dare spend a lot only to find that they don’t fit well, it would be nice to have fake Airpods for a few Euros so you can try them but alas..

Me too… That’s why I bought the Xiaomi AirDots Basic set for 17.50. Do they look really fit and work well? O + The “pill-shaped” part fits snugly into my ear cavity, keeping it in place. I wasn’t expecting it, I bought them more for the ‘fair’ and didn’t expect anything from it. The sound quality isn’t Hi-Fi but it’s good enough for out on the street. This totally ruined me because of my expensive earplugs :)

Before that I had a set of Sony WF-1000X and it was awful and also empty in the box. 100 euros hijacked :( I have never tried AirPods because wired EarPods never fit me, they always fell off. They may be professional (the rubber in the ear helps a lot) but they are pricey again.

But fake Airpods, yes:
Should you have a 3D printer or know someone who has one, nowadays it’s not difficult anymore. I think something new will come.

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