Red Sox manager Alex Cora explains why he was upset with Eduardo Rodriguez for Carlos Correa’s mockery of the Astros star

Red Sox manager Alex Cora explains why he was upset with Eduardo Rodriguez for Carlos Correa's mockery of the Astros star
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Boston Red Sox Left-handed Eduardo Rodriguez turned in a strong start against Houston Astros On Monday in Game Three of the American League Series (Forest 12, hold 3). However, one of the most interesting parts of his start was what happened as he left the field following the top of the sixth inning.

After coercing Astros shortstop Carlos Correa Rodriguez decided to give Correa a taste of his hilarious medicine by tapping a fake wristwatch, the way Correa did after his dramatic Game 1 run at home. What made the moment stand out was how Red Sox coach Alex Cora responded to Rodriguez’s bit of skill: by shouting at Rodriguez to cut it.

Take a look at the entire scene as it was shown on color TV:

Cora’s problem with Rodriguez’s celebration is that he doesn’t want to give Correa and the Astros extra motivation. It may sound silly – after all, the Astros need to be promoted because the stakes are given – but it’s the kind that professional athletes and their coaches worry about from time to time. Cora also has a relationship with Correa that goes back to the time the Houston coach was on the bench.

“Don’t do that,” Cora said after the match, regarding what he told Rodriguez (via Jason Mastrodonato for the Boston Herald). “We don’t act that way. We just show up and play and move on. He knows. I told him. We don’t have to do it. Plus, it was great.”

Cora also told reporters that he was still angry at Rodriguez and it was similar to what happened when he disciplines his twin sons.

Rodriguez was lifted to start the seventh game in favor of the faithful Hansel Robles. Rodriguez’s last streak saw him complete six innings, allow three runs on five hits, and hit seven players over a total of 97 throws in the win.

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